“My eternal chase, I am your ghost…”

Head: Aida – Lelutka These new heads by Lelutka are absolutely gorgeous. I recommend stopping by the main store right away to have a look.
Corset: Brooke Corset – VoluptasVirtualis @ Seduction Fair until December 21st and then will soon after become available in the main store.


“Please could you stop the noise…”

Lingerie Set:

Clara (Leather) – VoluptasVirtualis  IW Preview for the upcoming round of the Kink(y) Event. Teleport to the event.

Mattress, Paper, Lamp, and Chair:

..::THOR::.. Paranoia Set – ..::THOR::.. IW  Preview for the upcoming Ironwood Hills event: Paranoia, opening on April 1st. Teleport to the event.


Selene – Tableau Vivant IW MP Available at the current round of Uber. Teleport to the event.  

“I hear your song, my brothers…”


Wrap Jacket Suit (Ice) – Gabriel IW Available at the current round of The Men’s Department, open on February 5th. Teleport to the event

Blood Cross & Tears:

Carmesi – The White Crow IW  Available at the Blush event. Teleport to the event.  


[14] Necklace – VoluptasVirtualis  IW  Preview for the upcoming round of Fetish Fair, opening on February 2nd. Teleport to the event.

“Desire, I’m hungry…”

Okay, guys, I’m going to give the styling for this outfit but be warned, this corset is rigged for women only. I highly suggest demo’ing before purchase of the corset, with the understanding that this does not provide a perfect fit. Female rigging generally means that the male avatar’s back will be much thicker than what the item is rigged for. As such, I personally have worn a shirt in this styling that covers the back entirely in order to hide the imperfections of the fit. I am also wearing the Belleza Jake body – others may not have alpha cuts that allow this to work the way it has for me. Once again, demo all of the things and test, test, test before committing to a purchase if you are attempting to achieve this look on a male avatar. 


::GB::Strap open shirt (TMP) Black – Gabriel IW


\//. -Belladona- Corset-Leather -{BellezaFreya} – VoluptasVirtualis IW Preview for the upcoming round of ROMP, opening on August 11th. Stay tuned for landmarks.


.Shi x Messiah : Unisex Head Wrap / Rare – .Shi IW


Izzie’s – Metallic Lunar Tattoo – Izzie’s IW

“But now I’m not an artist…”

Head and Chest Piece: 

Susanne / Noir – Bauhaus Movement  IW This item is currently available at Project Se7en. Teleport to the event.


+HILU+FUTOKORODE/TMP – Hilu  IW This item is available for the current round of Japonica, open on July 1st. Teleport to the event.

Hearts (Chest and Background):

\//.VoluptasVirtualis – Shattered Heart – VoluptasVirtualis IW This item is currently available at The Crystal Heart event. Teleport to the event.