Bruise on the Universal Bloom

Bruise on the Universal Bloom BlogHeaddress and Shoulder:

Ruby Headpiece SKY – Bauhaus Movement  IW Preview for the upcoming round of The Seasons Story, opening on April 10th at midnight SLT.  Teleport to event.

Eye Makeup:

Inner Universe – The White Crow IW Preview for the upcoming round of The Kawaii Project.


Your Devil

Your DevilThis blog post is featuring items which will available from White Widow IW/MP  ) for the upcoming round of The Epiphany, which will be opening on October 12th. This set is titled ‘Southpaw‘. The arm tattoo featured within this photo is a common from this set. These tattoos are organized so that you can mix and match to create your own. These tattoo sets are available in three colors – white, henna, and black. There are three rares which also come in these color options. Lastly, there is an exclusive tattoo item which can be purchased through the event. What’s an exclusive item? At The Epiphany, you can redeem extra gachas in order to receive points. These points can then be utilized to purchase exclusive items offered by the vendors who feature their products within the event.


Here are the gacha key and exclusive item photo of what you can find at this event from this vendor:


White Widow - Southpaw gatcha White Widow - Southpaw Exclusive black

The hair featured in this photo is +Monster Girl Hair+, an item available at The Kawaii Project by Aii – The Ugly & Beautiful (IW / MP). The event opens on October 15th and runs through November 10th. Teleport to the event.