“Seasonal demons…”

Horns: [][]Trap[][] & Plastik Impish Horns 2.0, preview for We Love Role-Play, opening on April 4th.
Tattoo: THIS IS WRONG Spring tattoo, preview for Spring Flair, opening on April 5th.
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ [Faux dreads] Angy II


“They call me Murmur…”

On Murmur:

Tail: + Bento Devil Tail + {aii}
Horns: + Pearlescent Devil Horns + {aii}
Wings: + Tattered Devil Wings + {egosumaii}
Gum: .LeLutka Gum Gum Boom
Sparkle: :[P]:– Dragoness Sparkle
Hair: Exile:: Eyes On Me
Jeans: Legal Insanity – Gary rolled light blue jeans
Harness: S&P harness Lincoln
Nails and Rings: [CX] Essential Dirty Claws – Jake (Transparency)
Ears: [][]Trap[][] Spooky Ears

“I’ll take the fall…”

Kilt: .Enfant Terrible. Kobadenbushi Kilt Black – Enfant Terrible
Skin, Horns, Jewelry, Tail:

The following items are being released by Plastik at the upcoming round of the Lootbox gacha event, opening on June 20th.

:[P]:- Araxxis Horns – Swirl [Cuffed]
:[P]:- Araxxis Nosering
:[P]:- Araxxis Tail [Metallic Version]

Ears:[Trap][Gauze] Djinn Ears – [Trap][Gauze]
Gold Body Tattoo: Metallic Lunar Tattoo (Gold) – Izzie’s
Gold Eye Makeup: :[P]:- Midas Fauxe:// Sandstorm Gold – Plastik


On Ghost:

Head: .LeLutka.Head.Bianca – Lelutka
Necklace: :[P]:- Genie Necklace [F-Long]:// Golden – Plastik
Veil: S&P diamonds veil – Salt & Pepper
Hair: Tableau Vivant \ Lorelei hair – E – Tableau Vivant
Harness and Leggings: Yasum*Harem-Harness* – Yasum @ We Love Role-Play, open on April 4th.
Tattoo: Venom (Gold) – White Widow @ We Love Role-Play, open on April 4th.
Nails: [CX] Shredder Claws – Gold – CerberusXing
Body: Maitreya Body – Maitreya
Flat Chest: [V-Tech]Boi Chest Mod – V-Tech
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Noldor Elf Ears – Swallow


Build: DaD DESIGN “The Secret Garden” – DaD Design
Lighting: E.V.E Sunny Spells M02 – w/ Glitter – E.V.E. @ We Love Role-Play, open on April 4th
Pose: Loco-6 – Foxcity