“A guy like you should wear a warning…”

Shirt: ::GB::One sideoff tops / Black – Gabriel @ Dubai
Expression: Made with the Axis Hud by Lelutka
Hair: No Transfer – No Match @ Men Only Monthly
Absinthe Set: 220ML – Absinthe Green Fairy – 220ML @ Man Cave


“The devil you know…”


ANATOMY – Caster Eyes – Grey-Black (With rare glitter add-on) – ANATOMY IW Preview for the upcoming round of the Lootbox Gacha event, opening on March 20th. Teleport to the event.


[CX] Heavily Nailed – Cerberus Xing IW / MP  New group gift, available at the main store location.


+ Pearlescent Devil Horns + {aii} – +Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful+ IW MP


[BAD HAIR DAY] – Husn – – [Bad Hair Day] IW  Preview for the upcoming round of Men Only Monthly, opening on March 20th. Teleport to the event.

“Everyone’s got a secret. Tell me all about yours…”

Hair on Both:

[BAD HAIR DAY] – Ludic – [Bad Hair Day] IW Available at the current round of Men Only Monthly, open on February 20th. Teleport to the event.

Arm Wraps on Skye:

[CX] Origin Wraps (Black Leather) – Cerberus Xing IW / MP Available at the current round of Remnant: Dark Days, open on February 24th. Teleport to the event.

Cuts on Skye:

[CX] Judgement Shot – Cerberus Xing IW / MP