Corset: A&Y Aglaya Latex Cyber Corset – A&Y Bunker @ ROMP
Hair: Electric Rain – A&Y Bunker
Cybernetic Arm: Eliavah ~ Brute Justice – Eliavah
Nipple Piercings: Ama. : Needled V2 : [V-Tech] – Ama @ ROMP

Facial Hud Being Used In This Photo

Alright, folks, Lelutka is at it again with a new release. The Lelutka “Axis HUD Face” is a bento posing tool that can be used to make a variety of expressions and alterations. It is beyond handy. I know the expression in this photo might look subtle but it was so refreshing to be able to create my own unique and subtle alterations to the mesh in order to add some individuality to the avatar for this photo. You can be fairly guaranteed it will be making an appearance in all of my work in the future. I absolutely adore tools that allow you to customize and add a unique flair, and this one most certainly provides for all of that. Please visit THIS LINK if you would like more details and information concerning what it is this hud provides and what you can accomplish with it! Click here to teleport to Lelutka and pick up yours!

“Celestial Persuasion”


*TKW* Barth – TUKINOWAGUMA IW   Preview for the upcoming round of Japonica, opening on December 25th. Teleport to event. 


[CX] Creature Taper – Silver – Cerberus Xing IW / MP


ANATOMY – Celestial Eyes RARE – Black Stars (with Galaxy Rotate add-on) – ANATOMY IW Available at the current round of the Lootbox Gacha event. Teleport to event. 


nani+eliavah / fae’s monarch – queen’s wings – nani+eliavah IW / IW Available at the current round of the Lootbox Gacha event. Teleport to event.