“We bury our emotion and pretend we’re fine…”

“The only way to live now is to know you’re going to fly…”

Collar Implant: [CX] x -TWC- // Tritium Slave Collar – Blue (Onyx), preview for NEO-Japan.
Eye Makeup: [ Conviction ] Maniac Makeup
Hair: Hair Nyad – Sintiklia @ Lootbox Gacha
Arm Wraps: [CX] Heathen Armguard (Black) @ Days of Yore

“Dusk will lure me in, and make me pay for a new dawn…”

On Ghost:
[CerberusXing] @ The Epiphany

15. [CX] Wild Hazard Leg Harness – Black (A) // Maitreya
2. [CX] Wild Hazard Jacket – B ( Maitreya ) RARE
27. [CX] Wild Hazard Shorts – B // Maitreya
3. [CX] Wild Hazard Collar – Black // Maitreya
9. [CX] Wild Hazard Top – Black // Maitreya

**Edit Warning** This top is designed and rigged for female shapes and bodies. For this avatar, the top was modified utilizing transparency and faces in edit mode. Do not attempt unless you are experienced, you have extra copies of the product and/or are willing to take the risk of permanently damaging your copy of the item.


Mask: Violent Seduction – Akali Mask

On Loki:
[CX] Oversized Jacket – Black

“I kissed a stranger in a white dress. He put a crown on top of my head…”

Facial Makeup & Brows: Bellona Eyemakeup, Lips, and Brows – Zibska, a preview for We Love Role-Play opening on October 4th.
Eyes: Monster eyes Catwa Applier – Le Forme, a preview for We Love Role-Play opening on October 4th.
Hair: Rosemary – Tableau Vivant @ Salem
Skirt: Gwen // GHOST – ChicModa @ Salem
Collar: XenoCircuit – Glass – Cerberus Xing @ Dark Style Fair

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