Client Services

I offer a variety of services as part of my studio work. They are as follows:

  • Portrait, couples, and group photography. Urban, modern, boudoir, BDSM, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, sci-fi. I can work in a variety of genres. Please visit my portfolio on Flickr for a broader base of my general style, technique, and atmosphere.
  • Generalized Styling: Full outfit including top, bottom, shoes, hair, viable apparel accessories. This does not include item purchases but will provide all relevant landmarks and prices for what is listed in the styling.
  • Comprehensive Styling: Everything from generalized with the addition of skin, eyes, and viable tattoo/makeup accessories.
  • Custom Shapes (Bento only: male, female, & androgynous)

Things to note about your appointment:

  • Be certain to discuss all the elements you want to be involved in your photo during your consultation. A screenshot of your chosen styling will be required before the date we set for your appointment. If purchasing a style card, styling will need to be complete and verified before the date and time of your appointment.
  •  All payments are final. There are no refunds issued. I do my absolute best to work with clients to provide them what they are looking for in a photograph. I will work with you to provide the best end result possible within my realm of experience and ability.
  •  Clients are given a half hour grace period from the time their appointment is scheduled to begin. If you are going to be running later than that or offline, you will need to contact me in order to reschedule as I have limited time slots and a busy schedule in RL.

Please inquire about pricing or scheduling by either contacting Azram Belwraith in-world or by sending an email to

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