Nefekalum Releases @ Enchantment

This is Nefekalum’s first round at Enchantment, and there are two tattoos up for grabs at the event! The theme for this current round is Snow Queen and so there are two winter/frosty/story themed original tattoos for your winter pleasure.

Teleport to Enchantment

Teleport to Nefekalum

NT - Kay's Vision Small

“Kay’s Vision”

Price: L$175


  • Omega Evolved appliers (Materials-Enabled Tattoo)
  • Unisex
  • System layers for use with Bakes on Mesh
  • Tintable and colored layers included

NT - Winter's Spirit Ad Small

“Winter’s Spirit”

Price: L$150


  • Omega Evolved applier (Materials-Enabled Tattoo)
  • Unisex
  • System layer for use with Bakes on Mesh

Hunt Prize

There is also an Enchantment hunt taking place where gift items may be searched out and claimed in the main stores of those participating this round. Nefekalum is offering a recolor of one of its popular face tattoos, exclusive for this hunt. This item will be retired after the hunt’s completion, so now is your only chance to grab it up for yourself!


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