“A girl needs a hobby…”

agirlneedsahobbyedit02smallI know there are an awful lot of various elements in this photo, but it is surprising what it requires when dusting off a very old role-play character to put her in her natural surroundings for the exclusive purpose of utilizing some crystal phalluses. So, there you have it. Keynotes for anyone curious about certain things in the outfit she is wearing: the outfit is by CerberusXing and the hair is by Tableau Vivant. The pose is by Foxcity and the eyeshadow is by Suicidal Unborn.

Now on to the feature – the penises. No, they don’t come in cages originally, but Imatra has opinions about these objects and their specific use. So, for her, they are better locked away when they’re not serving their purpose. There you have it, folks. Here are the particulars:

The Penises: {C&C} Crystal Phallus @ the Afterglow event. This event runs from July 16th – August 6th. For more information, please click here.