The Parisian Rose – Redux

Outfit: The following items are from CUREMORE, available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

CUREMORE / Antoinette’s Closet II / Queen Collar
CUREMORE / Antoinette’s Closet II / Royalty Gown / RARE
CUREMORE / Antoinette’s Closet II / Silk Gloves (White)
CUREMORE / Antoinette’s II / Rococo Hairstyle
CUREMORE / Antoinette’s II / Rococo Hairstyle Accessory

Okay, guys. This one comes with some explanation. First of all, I do NOT suggest attempting this unless you have either a solid grasp on editing faces on mesh for transparency, have an extra copy of the Royalty Gown RARE in case you damage the item beyond repair. Preferably unless you are very confident in your ability to accomplish this, you will rely on having an extra you are willing to tinker with and possibly destroy.

This item non-modified includes a corset piece that includes breasts. In the photo above I am wearing a corset from another designer (ViSion for those interested) and have made the existent corset built into the gown transparent so that it can be utilized with the V-tech male chest with the Maitreya body. This is the only way to accomplish this There are no HUD features that allow for it to be blocked out; this can be achieved only by rezzing the gown itself in-world, selecting the faces you wish to alpha out, and setting the transparency to 100%.

This was simply far too beautiful of a gown for me to not make this attempt within the realm of modification so that Ghost could show it off. The results are very pleasing for those who use the V-tech mod; just be certain you have an extra copy you’re willing to take the gamble of loss or damage on before you attempt this.

TL:DR? Don’t mess with it unless you have an extra.

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