“The ghost of a smile…”

Gentlemen, if I can have your attention, please. This post is introducing the new Lelutka male mesh head which is slated for release in the near future. The name of this head is Andrea and is omega compatible. The default skins which are included have been provided by the lovely Aida Ewing, so, therefore, will be compatible with Tableau Vivant skin appliers. This head will fit with the Slink and Belleza Jake bodies, but in this photo it is featured upon the TMP body and has a comparable fit with it as well.

This head is a must-have for those men who prefer a more androgynous look to their avatars. It was incredibly easy for me to build a shape which complements the softness inherent in the features of this head while still retaining a masculine quality, effectively toeing the line between masculine and feminine. It is also quite simple to achieve a fully masculine appearance. This head is versatile and includes all of the features which have made the female Lelutka heads such a sensation on the current market.

I do not currently have the specific details concerning the release of this head (just that it’s soon!), but check back often as I will update this post as they come available. Also, consider joining the Lelutka update group in-world if you want to receive updates the moment they become available to the public.

Click here to teleport to the Lelutka main store.

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