“The threads of an endless life…”

As an artist, I am constantly surveying the world around me, seeking for inspiration. This inspiration comes from many sources and manifests in countless ways. I have always sought to think in a way which may exist outside the ties of conventionality. An item which has one particular purpose may find itself serving another within my work. The moment I saw this lamp, I knew I would be using it as something more than a decoration for my desk. I enlarged it quite a bit (and was seriously impressed at how low the land impact remained upon doing so) and proceeded with the vision birthed from this lamp’s inspiration. I hope you enjoy this photo as much as I enjoyed the creation of it, and be sure to swing by the Gacha Garden to pick up your own set. Let your imagination run wild. You can never truly anticipate what may come from the adventure.

Swirling Lights/Lamp: 

::Static:: Vintage Lighting – 17 Star Globe RARE –::Static:: IW Preview for the upcoming round of The Gacha Garden. This event opens on August 1st. For more information, please visit the website hereTeleport to the event. Once again, as this item has been enlarged and is not being used for its conventional purpose, here is the original gacha key from this designer:

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