“And you surrender to the touch…”


Tableau Vivant \ HitchHiker hair – Tableau Vivant IW MP Available at Collabor88, open as of July 8th. Teleport to event.


+ EXCLUSIVE Shi Kiseru + {aii}
+ Firey Blue Wanyudo + {egosumaii}
+ Firey Blue Yokai Horns + {egosumaii}
+ Ittan Momen + {egosumaii}
+ RARE Long Robe (Male) + {egosumaii} – +Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful+/{egosumaii} IW MP Preview for the upcoming round of The Epiphany. Want to know how to play at The Epiphany? Click here to visit the website and learn moreTeleport to the event. These are gacha items.