“That guilt’s not in me anymore…”


[CX] Biomech Claws (Vista M) – Cerberus Xing IW / MP This is a limited time only group gift currently available at the main store location.

Arm Wraps:

[CX] Fighter’s Mark – Black ( TMP Vista Bento ) – Cerberus Xing IW / MP Preview for the upcoming round of The Men’s Department, opening on June 5th. Teleport to event.


//Naberius// Chainbound Anubis Mask *Red* –Naberius IW


Tableau Vivant \ Seelie and Unseelie hair (Rare) – Tableau Vivant IW / MP Available at the current round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, open on May 7th. Teleport to event.


::GB:: koshikimono (TMP)KURO – Gabriel IW

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