The Raven’s Oracle

Elegance cannot be lost, merely transformed. It breathes through the ruins, wanders and whispers its way through the cracks. It paints itself along the petals of each rose, each curling graceful vine where it climbs along the walls. Magic still breathes in this place and welcomes those who would walk once active streets. If one explores long enough, perhaps they will find the long-lost jewel from a fairy noble’s coat. They may fancy they can almost hear the music echoing through great halls where sunlight and shadow now preside over a dance no longer seen.

They cannot see him any longer, but he is still here. He still walks the avenues. Bare feet move from archway to sanctuary, remembering what it was before that fateful decline into memory took over the land. Oracles have always had their place throughout history, a profession which houses no prejudice about race or creed. They say when you are born blind your other senses strengthen to compensate for that missing sight.

Oh, but he has always seen the most wondrous and terrible things, even without the aid of his eyes…

He prophesied the greatness of Raven’s Perch and the avian creatures honoring such a name could be found about him when he walked. They guided the path of his feet, the sound of their call proclaiming if safety or danger rested for him up ahead. He saw great joy. He saw a hundred births and marriages before they ever took place. He lived within the future while his feet stood in the present. They celebrated his vision. Wine soaked the ground in jubilant offering to the gods when he spoke of their prosperity; the fires burned bright and high in the fields.

As with all fairy tales, there is a time to live and there is a time to rest. The vision came as all others. Eyes fluttered behind the mask he wore to protect an unseeing gaze from a bright sun. A slender frame bowed before the greatness of his gift until his knee touched the stone floor. Lips parted and a voice sweet and ancient as the gods’ came forth in song. The melody was haunted, filled with an eloquent sorrow that wound its way through the halls and the streets. It caressed over the roses and the fluted ears of his own people, waking them from their slumber and calling them from their work. All heads rose to listen and even the trees knelt before the message.

The mists came, and with them – Change. Change is inevitable. Now, roses rule the city. They whisper of an elegance and beauty that will never truly fade, no matter how high and thick the ivy weaves itself across the stone.

They cannot see him any longer, but he is still here. If one listens closely, they may still hear his voice upon the wind. He sings to them the mysteries of once was. He whispers to them of the change which is yet to come.

Wings on Back:

(RP) Fleurette Evony Wings – Purple – Roped Passions IW  Preview for the upcoming Fantasy Faire 2017, opening on April 20th at 9 AM SLT. Click here to visit the website and learn more. This item will be located on the Raven’s Perch sim. (This item is part of an outfit offered by the credited designer.)

Lip Piercings:

[CX] Bitten 2017 Update (Bento + Black) – Cerberus Xing IW / MP New group gift available at the main store location.


*:..Silvery K..:*Blindfold Ribbon(Black). – *…Silvery K…* IW / MP

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