The Guardian of San Mora

There are some lands which time has forgotten. San Mora is not one of them…

A pinnacle of greatness and medical advancement, San Mora has become the land which time has ravaged. Plunging like Icarus from his bold flight, the city descended to depths terrifying and coated in tragedy. The cracks in the earth still house the echoes of a thousand screams. Fauna and flora possess a miasma birthed from suffering and loss. Nothing has been left without the scars of the contagion which ravaged and consumed all who found themselves trapped within this macabre veil. No one was left unscathed. The air lies heavy and oppressive. Silence possesses the air, a choke-hold demanding nothing short of absolute secrecy.

Those who live here now are cut from a different cloth. The land calls to those who have been altered, those who have fallen, those who once resided in realms best left uncharted by the inquisitive eyes of men.

Metal scrapes against stone as a figure moves amidst the twisting vines and bright eyes that peer from the undergrowth. He was once a creature of light now painted into a corner of silent animosity. His people once celebrated life and all that resides as beautiful within the earth. Beauty has become a hostile creature in this place, contorted and redesigned with one word heralded as its mantra: Survive.

No smile graces lips created for song. Eyes once the echo of a summer sunrise now rest half-cloaked in shadow. He has come and he has created of this place his own private kingdom. Here he reigns supreme and he exacts a heavy price of those who would dare step within his borders. He is no king, no sovereign or benevolent royal. No, he is a guardian invoked from disease and dying called to protect those who would make their home where the end of the world begins.

“Welcome to San Mora. My name is Sacrifice. Choose your weapon.”

Horns with Chains:

[CX] Ikenga’s Horns ( Silver ) – Cerberus Xing IW / MP Preview for the upcoming Fantasy Faire 2017, opening on April 20th at 9 AM SLT. Click here to visit the website and learn more. This item will be located on the San Mora sim.


[CX] Heavy Duty Collar – Cerberus Xing IW / MP

Back Halo:

[CX] Lucifer’s Halo (Silver) – Cerberus Xing IW / MP

Cheek Piercings:

[CX] Lance Piercing (Daniel) – Silver – Cerberus Xing IW / MP


-SU!- Hadria Eyes – Suicidal Unborn IW Currently available at Applique. Teleport to event.


Tableau Vivant \ Hairplay – Front Blow – Tableau Vivant IW / MP This is a gacha item.


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