The One That Got Away

the-one-that-got-away-blogBody Tattoo:

[TWC] Inside – The White Crow IW Preview for the Salem event, opening on October 1st. Teleport to event.

Belt & Blade:

[CX] Bloodbone Cleaver (Blood) – Cerberus Xing IW / MP Preview for the upcoming round of Memento Mori, opening on October 1st at 11 p.m. SLT and running for two weeks. Teleport to event.


Apophis Eyes – Conviction MP


Macabre Alleyway – Modulus  IW Featured item currently available through the SwagBag subscription. For a full list of stores and locations where you can buy past boxes and sign up for SwagBag, click here. Click here to teleport to the SwagBag headquarters.

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