Born of Rivers and Dreams

Born of Rivers and Dreams BlogHeaddress/Shoulders/Arms/Belt:

.aisling. Japel – Arm [L] {Silver}
.aisling. Japel – Arm [R] {Silver}
.aisling. Japel – Belt {Silver}
.aisling. Japel – Headdress RARE
.aisling. Japel – Shoulders RARE – Aisling  IW / MP Available at the current round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, open on August 7th.Teleport to event.

Blue Skirt (And Additional Props):

E.V.E Venus in He {Blue Wind  Sea Outfit} – E.V.E. Studio  IW Available at Totally Top ShelfTeleport to event.


TRUTH HAIR Tempest – Truth IW / MP This is a new release.


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