A Night’s Work

A Nights Work BlogGrimoire Leg Holster:

: Lewd :  Grimoire Holster – Black – RARE – Lewd IW Preview for the upcoming round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, opening on August 7th and running through September 7th. Click here to visit the event website. Teleport to event.


NO.MATCH_NO.ICETEA. – No Match  IW Currently available at Hair Fair 2016, open on July 16th.Teleport to event.

Forehead Tattoo:

-=FORSAKEN=- Outcast Marking X – -=FORSAKEN=- IW

Lip Stripe:

-=FORSAKEN=- Ink spit lip stripe Wet Blue – -=FORSAKEN=- IW


Adventure Backpack – Noble Creations IW / MP

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