Stripping Away Mortality

Stripping Away Mortality BlogHair:

TRUTH HAIR Etienne – Truth IW / MP Preview for the upcoming Indie Teepee Midsummer Nights 2016, opening on July 8th and running through July 24th.


*N*Japanese stuartia NATSUTSUBAKI White Branch L

*N*Japanese stuartia NATSUTSUBAKI White Branch R

*N*Japanese stuartia NatsuTsubaki White Earcuff L

*N*Japanese stuartia NatsuTsubaki White Earcuff R – Naminoke IW Preview for the upcoming round of We ❤Role-Play. Click here to peruse the shopping guide for this event. Opening on July 5th. Teleport to event.


**RE** Lolita Necklace – RealEvil Industries IW / MP Available at the current round of Shiny Shabby, open on June 20th. Teleport to event.


24)_Air_Rin B silver (sky)_TM – Mouthpiece gacha item – AIR IW


::K:: Fur Bolero Homme(No Inner) White – ::K:: IW

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