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Teleport Frag BlogAll The Things:

Junker’s Arsenal – [The Forge & EZ Weaponry] IW / MP Preview for the upcoming round of The Epiphany. Want to know how to play at The Epiphany? Click here to visit the website and learn more.

Items featured within this photo from this set are the following:

Avocet Knee Guards (Rusty)
Avocet Shin Guards (Rusty)
Banshee Rocket Launcher, Black RARE
Havok Shield, Black
Junker’s Gasmask, Black
Kane’s Hook, Steel

Facial Bruising/Blood:

Boy – Face III – The White Crow  IW Preview for the upcoming round of Gen-Neutral, opening on April 12th. Gen-Neutral specializes in unisex clothing and accessories which may be worn by either gender. Teleport to event.


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