Ashes of Eden

ashesofedenblogMy thanks to Ralphie Lykin for posing with me in this photograph. Be sure to check out his wonderful blog Sugar on Snails.


In Your Jeans No. 3 – [evoLove] IW Preview for the upcoming round of Gen-Neutral, opening on of March 12th. Gen-Neutral specializes in unisex clothing and accessories which may be worn by either gender. Teleport to event.

Tattoo on Skye:

Honnari Hannya – Antielle IW / MP

Tattoo on Ralphie:

Meloni – .Reckless.  IW This item is currently available at Skin Fair 2016.Click here for more information. Open as of March 11th and running through March 27th.  Teleport to event. 

Hair on Skye:

Sam – Action Inkubator  IW / MP

Hair on Ralphie:

Nyoki – Tableau Vivant IW / MP

Pants on Skye:

Loose Belt Pants (Black) – Gabriel IW This item is available at the March round of The Men’s Department, open as of March 5th.Teleport to event.

Pants on Ralphie:

Butch Jeans – Legal Insanity IW / MP

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