In The Garden

thetrystblogHeaddress on Skye:

Aspasia – Headdress RARE – .aisling. IW / MP Currently available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, open as of February 7th. Click here to visit the event website. Teleport to event.  


Androgyny No3 – [evoLove] IW Preview for the upcoming round of Gen-Neutral, opening on of February 12th. Gen-Neutral specializes in unisex clothing and accessories which may be worn by either gender. Teleport to event.

Hair on Skye:

Eastern Promise – Tableau Vivant IW / MP

Hair on Model:

Princess – Catwa  IW/MP

Chest Piece on Model:

Eunice Chestpiece ULTRARARE – .aisling. IW / MP Gacha item, machine available for play at main store.

Necklace on Model:

Gold Earendil Necklace Teal – Soedara IW

Skirt on Both:

Bismillah – White Skirt – Rare – Dead Dollz IW This is a gacha item.

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