A Different Sort Of Oz

A Different Sort of OzShoes:

Jason Boots (Red) – AZOURY  IW / MP Currently available at Men Only Monthly, open as of January 20th. Teleport to event.


Volt Jeans (Blue) – Modulus  IW


Stricken (Unisex items) – Bauhaus Movement  IW Preview for the upcoming round of Shiny Shabby. This event opens on January 20th. Teleport to event.


Chocolat (White)  – White Widow  IW / MP Available at the current round of Shiny Shabby. Teleport to event.


Bear X – Raw House IW Available at the current round of Gen-Neutral, open as of January 12th. Gen-Neutral specializes in unisex clothing and accessories which may be worn by either gender. Teleport to event.

Within the set, a few pieces by Jian are being utilized (the Puff Pup (gacha item), and the tiles which are available at C88, having been tinted gold for the purposes of this photograph).

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