How I Loved Her

How I Loved HerJacket/Shirt/Vest:

The Dandy Formal Jacket (Red) – Deadwool  IW


The Dandy Formal Trousers (Black) – Deadwool  IW


Slouchy – Tableau Vivant IW / MP Available at the current round of Kustom 9, open as of January 15th. (Teleport to event).


Consuelo – Bauhaus Movement  IW

The Setting:

The following are pieces available from the collaboration of Nefarious Inventions ( IW ) and Cureless  ( IW ) currently available at The Epiphany, open as of January 12th. Want to know how to play at The Epiphany? Click here to visit the websiteTELEPORT TO EVENT.

Breakdown of pieces in the image:

Aliceinmonsterland – Alicelostherhead RARE

Aliceinmonsterland – Thekey

Aliceinmonsterland EXCLUSIVE – Thegameboard

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