Ephemeral Arcana – The Fool

The FoolThe setting, telescope, globe and sign featured in this post are part of the Sky Junker set fromThe Forge ( IW/MP ) for the upcoming round of The Epiphany, which will be opening on January 12th. Want to know how to play at The Epiphany? Click here to visit the websiteTELEPORT TO EVENT.

Break down:

Morse Sign


Sky Junker [RARE]


Morse Sign

(Barely visible) Morse Station

Eye Patch:

Vision of the Blind (Black) – [Cerberus Xing] IW / MP This is a preview for the upcoming round of Kustom 9, opening January 15th. (Teleport to event).


Editorial – Southern Wind – Tableau Vivant IW / MP This is a gacha item.

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