On Repeat

On Repeat


Miwa Headphones [Rocking Red] – Wicca’s Wardrobe IW This round of The Fantasy Collective is being held as a main store hunt for the holiday season. Please visit the in-world location for this designer (linked above) in order to hunt for this item, beginning December 22nd. Happy hunting, everyone!


Vertigo Hair – Tableau Vivant IW / MP This hair is currently available at Men Only Monthly, open as of December 20th. Teleport to event.


September Collar + Necklace – Meva IW


“Classic” Blazer Set  – Lapointe & Bastchilde IW / MP


Jeans Moto  – Lapointe & Bastchilde IW / MP

The Setting:

The shapes featured within this post are part of an art installation created by the artist Dita Actor. To see a current installation she is currently showing, please consider the Black Lux Gallery in-world.

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