Winter’s Phoenix

Winter's PhoenixThe Setting:

This post features one of the products of Studio Skye by Alex Bader. You may visit the Studio Skye website by clicking this link.  Click here to visit in-world. Click here to visit Marketplace. Within this post the Skye Enchanted Woods and Enchanted Pond are utilized.


December – [KoKoLoReS] IW / MP Preview for Hairology, opening on December 10th and running through December 30th. 

Phoenix Companion:

Adult Phoenix – *HEXtraordinary* IW Currently available at the December round of We Role-Play.Click here to peruse the shopping guide for this event. Open as of December 4th. Teleport to event.


+Deep Sea Queen+ (Golden) – +Aii ~ The Ugly and Beautiful+ IW / MP


HSotD Salt & Ice Mystery Rare – Antielle  IW / MP


Offshoulder White Fur (RARE) – Gabriel IW This is a gacha item.


Heavenly Warrior Pants / White – Gabriel IW This is a gacha item.

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