Elemental Manifestation

Elemental ManifestationCirclet/Shoulders/Collar/Orbits:

Lore (Full Version RARE) – Zibska  IW / MP This is a preview for Liaison Collaborative Gacha Garden, opening on December 7th and running through December 30th. Teleport to event.

Blue Hands/Feet:

Winter Touch (WLRP Gift) – Fallen Gods IW /MP Currently available at the December round of We Role-Play.Click here to peruse the shopping guide for this event. Open as of December 4th. Teleport to event.


Windsong – Exile IW / MP


Sinistre Darkness (Showing Vampire and Drowned) – Dead Apples  IW / MP

Eye Makeup:

Cold As Ice (Eyes Only) – Madrid Solo  IW

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