Snow Spirit

Snow SpiritTears:

Floating Tears (Vanilla) – E.V.E. Studio  MP This item is currently available at the November round of The Secret Affair, opening on November 15th and running through November 30th. Click here to visit the event website. Teleport to event.


Enchanted Tree – Little Branch MP This item is currently available at Enchantment, open as of November 14th and running through December 5th. Visit the event website to learn more. Click here to teleport to event

The following items featured in this post are previews for the next round of SaNaRae (current round ends on November 18th.) They are parts of a gacha set being offered by Evermore IWMPNext round opens on November 25th. 


Contract Ears (Rare)


Contract Eyes 


Contract Tail (Rare)


Contract w/ Kyubey! (Ultrarare) 


The Contract Blushy Tattoo

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