The Better of Two Evils

The Story:
The Story


Kyou Hair – Tableau Vivant IW / MP Available at the November round of We Role-Play. Click here to peruse the shopping guide for this event. Open as of November 4th at 3 p.m. SLT. Teleport to event.


Tudor Necklace – Meva IW This is an item for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, opening on November 7th at midnight SLT. Click here to visit the event websiteTeleport to event. 

Cat Companion:

Bette and Dot – Black Decor (Pet Cemetery Gacha) – Fawny IW Available at the October round of The Fantasy Collective, open as of October 22nd at Noon SLT and running through November 15th. Teleport to event


Hotel Paranoia Skybox RARE – Remarkable Oblivion IW / MP


Hotel Paranoia Bed of Roses – Remarkable Oblivion IW / MP


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