Your Heretic

Your HereticThis blog post is featuring the items which will available from Cerberus Xing ( IW / MP ) for the upcoming round of TAG! Gacha – The Haunted Mortuary, which will be starting on October 17th at 12:00 a.m. SLT and running through October 31st 11:59 p.m. SLT. This set is titled ‘Heretic‘. 

Here is the break down of what you can see in this image:


Unsighted Nails

Heretic’s Restraints

Heretic’s Fork

Heretic Talons

Gacha Key

[CX]Heretic Gacha Key 1024X1024

Destined to Fall

Destined to FallHeaddress/Skirt:

Penelope Full Vs. – Zibska  IW / MP This is a preview for the Penumbra Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2015, running from October 17th through October 24th. The Penelope Full Vs. dress includes color change dress base in 5 sizes, headpiece and skirt. Penelope offers 10 colours via HUD for dress base, headpiece & skirt main and accent bits. Teleport to event.


A Midsummer Night’s Dream – PurpleMoon Creations  IW