Dr. Horrible

"How can it be that you have shown me the light..."
“How can it be that you have shown me the light…”


War Horns – Cerberus Xing IW / MP (Preview for the third anniversary of Cosmopolitan.  Opens September 28th. Teleport to event.)


Elven Ear (Split Rare) – Cerberus Xing IW / MP This is a preview for the upcoming gacha event The Gathering, opening on October 1st and running through October 15th. Stay tuned for details! Check out the event’s Flickr HERE. Below is the gacha key for this vendor:[CX] The Gathering Gacha Key 10.1.2015

Lip Scar:

Glasgow Smile – NOX  IW Coming soon as a hunt gift available at The Nightmare Event, opening on October 1st. Teleport to event.


Whisper Lips – Zibska  IW / MP Available at the September/October round of Uber. Teleport to event.

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