Listen Close, Dear

"And I will tell you a story..."
“And I will tell you a story…”


Marlowe – [KoKoLoReS] IW / MP Preview for GEN-Neutral, opening on September 12th. GEN-neutral is a new event featuring items which can be utilized regardless of gender. Stay tuned for more details!


Mellow – White Widow  IW/MP (Preview for the September round of On9. “Mellow”, an exclusive makeup available in five colors for this event. Opens September 9th. Teleport to event.)


Industrial Ears – Cerberus Xing IW / MP Preview for The Body Modification Expo, opening on September 12th. Teleport to event.


Hayop – Cerberus Xing IW / MP Available at the August round of Kustom9. (Teleport to event)


One thought on “Listen Close, Dear

  1. I’m so pumped for Gen neutral… I’ve had the website open in a corner in my browser for maybe a week now. You make Cerberus Xing look SO great! Awesome look!


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