“Something Human”

Stockings and Collar on Ghost by Cerberus Xing @ The Epiphany. Featured in this photo:

[CX] Osseous Species Collar – Silver
[CX] Osseous Species Stocking – Oil Spill

Mask on Loki: A&Y Neos Cyber Mask – A&Y Bunker @ Men Jail Event
Cyber Tentacles on Ghost: [CX] Sentinel Tentacles – Cerberus Xing
Corset on Ghost: [CX] Galactic Queen – Corset – Midnight – Cerberus Xing
Hair on Ghost: Aeon – A&Y Bunker



Outfit on Ghost by CURELESS @ The Epiphany. Featured in this photo:

CURELESS[+] Melodic Doll / Dolly Arms / RARE
CURELESS[+] Melodic Doll / Dolly Legs / GOLD
CURELESS[+] Melodic Doll / Violin Torso / RARE
CURELESS[+] Melodic Doll / Violin Bow

Cuffs on Ghost: \//. [Nyx] – RARE.1 – Voluptas Virtualis @ The Epiphany.

Client List Open: July 2018

Photography client list is officially open for the next two weeks (July 15th – July 30th). Please contact Azram Belwraith in-world for price inquiries and to schedule appointments. Limited slots are available, so get them while you can!