“Once upon a midnight…”

Black Tears: -[TWC]- Curse VI – The White Crow @ Dubai.
Skin: Araxxis – Plastik at the upcoming round of the Lootbox Gacha Event, opening on the evening of June 20th.
Ears:[Trap][Gauze] Djinn Ears – [Trap][Gauze]
Eye Overlay: ANATOMY – Celestial Eyes – Galaxy rotate vers pupil add-on – ANATOMY


“I’ll take the fall…”

Kilt: .Enfant Terrible. Kobadenbushi Kilt Black – Enfant Terrible
Skin, Horns, Jewelry, Tail:

The following items are being released by Plastik at the upcoming round of the Lootbox gacha, opening on June 20th. Stay tuned for landmarks and further details.

:[P]:- Araxxis Horns – Swirl [Cuffed]
:[P]:- Araxxis Nosering
:[P]:- Araxxis Tail [Metallic Version]

Ears:[Trap][Gauze] Djinn Ears – [Trap][Gauze]
Gold Body Tattoo: Metallic Lunar Tattoo (Gold) – Izzie’s
Gold Eye Makeup: :[P]:- Midas Fauxe:// Sandstorm Gold – Plastik